An Emo Post

I’m crying all of a sudden. I don’t know why. I just feel that everyone is treating me very nicely. Do I deserve it? I seriously don’t think that I do. But, they are still doing so. It makes me so guilty. That I’m like creating problems and troubles for them, but they are still so nice to me. I’m really touched to tears.

Take Benjamin for example, he offered a car ride to take me to the nearest bus stop because it was raining that day. He did it even though he had no prior approval from his mum. I’m really touched by his gesture. T think that he can still offer me such a ride (although it might be a small matter to him) when I keep critising his playing of the piano. I think I discouraged him a lot in his learning of the piano.

Take Ms Lim just now. I wanted to change the paino lesson to another date/time. I guess I must have sounded too apologetic. Then she said “Everyone is doing so – why don’t you do so too?” She’s really a very nice woman. She’s one of the people that I will forever respect and remember.


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