Another Day

Yesterday, after having  lunch with my aunties and sister and cousins at the Ship, I wandered in Orchard Road. Went to Borders and didn’t buy anything as most CDs are > $20. I intended to go to Takashimaya’s Kinokuniya but turned back halfway. “If I am not going to buy any books from there, what’s the point in me going?” I suppose if I have had more money or rather abundant money, I can buy anything my family and I and friends like.

Actually, instead of wandering in Orchard Road, I could have gone home and done some constructive stuff. But then what constructive stuff? …

Corrine, Carine and Paul came over in the evening for my “piano workshop”. It’s more like three 1+1 coaching. I think it’s fun teaching students as a group. Asking other students to teach their classmates is a very good idea too.

Received a big envelope yesterday. It contained brochures of various FOC details. So NBS FOC isn’t the only one around.  Good. I’d better join at least one of these camps. I don’t want to end up being a lone ranger when university starts.


You are not a God who takes pleasure in evil, with you the wicked don’t dwell..

Can’t think of any actually. Lord, I’m sorry for any errors I have done unconsciously, intentionally.

Thank you God for my supportive cell group members! I couldn’t have survived without them.

Pray that I will be popular and have lots of friends in NTU (by God’s grace and mercy since I don’t deserve it.

That I pass my piano exam.

That I abstain from all xxx websites.


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