Yet Another Day

2003 June 23

Wanted to Mindy? to check whether there’s discount for NBS FOC since I will only turn up 3 out of 5 days. Was scared of calling. I think I fear social contact and interaction.

Yesterday I was involved in a brief skit during JC as King Soloman. Linda and Felicity acting were super! Very dramatic and funny.

I lack the motivation to do things nowadays. It’s a lot of “ai mai, ai mai” attitude. I still wonder whether because it’s fengshui. One part of me can’t help thinking I have been successful in the past because of this particular furniture arrangement. Why don’t I rearrange the furniture so that I can be successful again?

I wasted the afternoon and early evening again. Did nothing constructive. I have to be more disciplined.

Went to yesterday to check up the forums of NTU, NUS and SAFbands. There seems to be few posts in NTU – not very promising. I think going to the website for the motive of checking up the university is okay. Come to think of it, I experienced guilt and distance from God usually after visiting the website for its pics and stories. I didn’t feel much yesterday.


Holy, holy, holy God.

For making Dorothy cry on Sat. Shouldn’t have bullied her.

For the JC sermon yesterday. I am special! for the approach JC team that I’m with.

Discount for NBS FOC.

Discipline and passion in my life. Abolish idea of fengshui. For mum and Kunqiang and Ben to trust God and return to God.

Grandmum for healing of leg. Peace and love in family.


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