Bach and Food

While going to Shane’s house today, I was listening to 92.4FM. There was this music with a basso continuo played by the harpsichord. “It must be baroque music” I thought. I was struck by the blatant humourous mood of the piece. It was very lively. Then I remembered how Shane played my Bach piece – with crispness, clarity and lightness. I thought that I want to produce a light and humourous mood with my Bach too.

Huiyi was deep frying prawns today. The fattening oil smell was filling the entire kitchen. As I walked over to her, I commented “it’s fried prawns again”. After I left the kitchen, she shouted “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it!” I realised that I have been damn insensitive towards her. That she takes the effort to cook something which isn’t easy and yet have to receive complaints from ungrateful brats like me. I realised that its very easy to be rude to my family members. If I had treated my friends like how I have treated my family members, I probably wouldn’t be that popular.

I got an impression from God that on top of reading Christian books, I should be feeding on his word too.

God blessed me with the visit of Zhiming’s friend, Weiling today. I’m inspired by her passion towards clarinet playing. Somehow, my interest for intense practice on the piano has rekindled today. I spent 2 hours playing Bach’s prelude after Zhiming and Weiling left today. I recorded myself on my mobile phone and I actually like what I had heard! Amazing. I kind of feel happy. Maybe I can pass my exams after all. That’s still hope for me. I decided that I will practise like what I did when I just started learning piano. Hence, I made up my mind not to go for NBS FOC next week!


Wonderful God, wonderful saviour.

That I have been unkind to Huiyi and disturbed Dorothy verbally.

For Weiling today. Shane. Roy.

For Roy’s business and health. For tai tai complete recovery and relieve her of any pain. Encouraging and kind words from my mouth. Healthy grandmum with strong legs. What to do with grandpa. Pass piano exam and passion to practise intensely.


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