Food and Piano

Had dinner with Roy and his mum at Cherry Garden, Oriental Hotel. Although after using the $100 dinning vouchers, the balance is still $84! He was complaining that it’s an expensive meal. I pray that God bless him with corporate advisory business and business/personal insurance sales ASAP!

Rather stressed as I have to produce a working playing of Debussy and Bartok by this Thursday for Shane. I pray for discernment and wisdom. If i haven’t stayed with Sylvia for one year, perhaps my playing would have improved.

I could have more focus in my piano practice. I have got no time to practise aimlessly nowadays. Every second matters!


Holy holy God

For failing to talk with patience towards Huiyi and Dorothy

For Roy and grandfather, grandum

For Lord to help Roy succeed with his business. For me to be focused. Let Huiyi know her direction in life and your will for her. For me to trust no matter the circumstances. To look up to you and hold on, cling on to you. Amen


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