The Primary 1 class was totally unresponsive during the rhythms and rhymes class today. I was very discouraged. Alvin said things like “I don’t really know how to manage kids myself too”. Julia said “The kids are a bit tempermental. Things lose their novelty quickly for them.” Also, Alvin said “I don’t know whether there’s any overlap of what you are teaching with the friendship ark. The friendship ark is also doing games, songs.” I was plunged all the way down when I heard those words.

Later in the MRT as i prayed about Rhymes and Rhythms, the first thing that came to me was “You didn’t pray before the class and your relationship with God isn’t right.” Which was very true. I mean, I haven’t been spending time with God for the past 5 days when I was in camp.

There has been a lot on gays in the news nowadays. First, PM Goh’s message, then the Anglican Gay Priest. And now, Benny is proposing a project on gays! Shall pray about this and see where God leads me.


  1. All knowing and mighty God.
  2. That I have neglected you and your word.
  3. For the friends I made in CAC FOC. For Lida, for Irene for participating in concert, for my family.
  4. For the world. May peace prevail. That I desire to spend time with you daily. For grandma’s leg. For mum, Ben and Roy to accept you.

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