A Prayer

You are a God who means what you say. You keep your promises.

For squandering my time.

For my wonderful cell, for Xavier, for my family – aunties, cousins, Huiling, grandparents, for my piano students, for Sulee and helpers and kids, for you, God.

For Corrine parents: help them manage their daily tasks. For Carine: to open so many doors of jobs that she has problem deciding which one to choose. Mother, Benjamin, Kun Qiang: to know and trust in the Lord once again. Joyce: for her chronic tummy pains. Huiling, Dorothy: for understand and rentention of information. Grandum & grandpa and tai tai: for great health! for blessings on this Saturday’s concert. That I may have 8 to 10 more extra students after the concert. Kids in learning ark: good command of English, know God and accept him as personal Lord and Savior. All kids in church and at home to know God in heart, not just head! Myself: to seek God daily and to have a wonderful relationship with God to pass piano exam. Roy: that God change him into a patient, humble man. May God bless him in his business.

I need to discipline myself to do things that I don’t feel like doing e.g. pratising piano, studying, exercising, taking the effort to listen actively, to think, to do household chores. I pray for discipline! In Jesus’s name I pray, AMEN!


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