Managing Your Blessings

“Unless you are faithful in small matters, you won’t be faithful in large ones.” How true. I kept praying for a lot of piano students and a lot of $. Certainly, God has already blessed me with a fair number of students and $. Honestly though, I am managing them very well now. Take students for example, I still have not come up with a systematic procedure to ensure that my students are well-tempered pianists. Perhaps that’s why God limited my piano students. Until I get better in my teaching, I don’t get more. Talking about $, God did bless me with quite a lot throughout my life . However I always end up squandering them. I should have the discipline to keep a record of my expenditure. Also, about friends. I kept complaining for more friends, more close friends, buddies. However, I am not being a good firned to most (if not all) of mine. Perhaps God wants me to learn how to be a friend in the real sense of the word. Otherwise, having more friends does not mean more fruitful and fulfilling friendships.


Faithful God who keeps his promises always. Graceful and merciful.

For being so practical with Felix yesterday.

That God gave me such loving cell group members, a wonderful family and piano teacher. For giving me life and Roy.

That I will be a good steward of what God has given me. For Huiyi to have love and tolerance and grace. For health: tai tai, grandparents and all family members and friends.


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