A Session with a Turkish Tea Leaf Reader

Ate like a cow on the plane. Imagine four meals within 12 hours! Breakfast was great. Two sausages, two potato fritters, cheese and strawberry on bread. Washed it all down with tea.

Session with the fortune teller was excellent! Got “Mouget” to translate. Here’s what the fortune teller said:

  • You have a very deep love, a secretive love
  • I am someone who loves family and is a loner (or something like I prefer a lonely life?)
  • Regarding my career – I will reach the top of the company or organisation. [wow, no kidding? this sounds greats!]
  • I have somebody that I loved whom I feel sad for
  • I lack a certain feeling for this person

Hey, these predictions sound more like fate telling rather than fortune telling. Perhaps fortune includes our love


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