At International House

Here’s what we or rather I did:

Friday: walked from Karsayaka to Alsanca alone

Bought pastries from this shop at the end fo K feribot. Liked her smile and her helpfulness. Asked her whether the baklava has long shelf life since I have the intention to bring some back home. She replied that it must be eatne by aksam. Felt good when I stepped out of the shop. My communication using Turkce has improved by a notch again. Walked towards this military camp which is next to a railway track. Took three pcitures of the track. When I were preparing to leave the place, a military man shouted in my direction and beckoned to me to go over (geliyorsun). Was frightened when the man asked for my camera. Despite deleting the three innocent pictures that I had taken, he informed me that his boss wanted to see me. At this point, I was terrified – will I be able to leave the camp once I stepped in? Shit. Boss stepped out and scanned through the 300+ photos while her subordinate conversed with me. “You are unlucky today. You aren’t the first. There have been many strange people walking past this place.” When his boss was done looking at my photos, his subordinate said in a not unfriendly voice, “I will be waiting for you to come for tea.” Really? Yeah right. AFter this strange and intimating experience, he expects me to visit him for tea? Although I wouldn’t really mind actually. Said “gidiyorum” rather than “geliyorum”.

Sat: Supposed to go for pinic with the AIECERS. Meeting at 10am at AIESEC office. Since Zibi and Sergi were going tot eh pinic as well, I decided to wait for them and set off together. They took their bloody time. Seda called at 10:20. Said we will come an hour later. Wanted to get bread and food for pinic. Left IH first. Surpirse. Cashier at Tansas gave me a 1 cent change!

A thought went through my mind – a friend does not cause his friend to wait for long. Certainly, the logic that AIESECers salways make us wait. It’s proper that they wait for us this time. When someone is a devil, it doesn’t mean that we must be devils too, right?

Met this Taiwanese trainee – Yu Fu. Quite an okay guy. Conversed on a wide range of subjects. Read his palm – he said that it was quite accurate.

Quite fun. Blackout at Karsiyaka for more than an hour. Lights resumed, but not for long. Ate a corn! Initially I thought that I would consume a grille done. But seeing that most people (a couple who’s before me) who’s eating them boiled with salt changed my mind. Was a great experience until the second half. The corn lost its taste.

Sun: it’s an uneventful day.


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