04/06/06, Sunday at Urla


Weather is perfect. Scenary is excellent. Women in bikinis with the elastic material bearing the weight of those ripe and juicy melons. Men seem to be the works of Michaelangelo, with physique surpassing David. My, how much have man evolved over times.

Had a group dinner yesterday. Pasta was excellent. Wine was sucky, deserving of its price tag. Libia taught us her banyaquiya dance – truly mentally exhausting.


(All) the türks carry smiles and laughs on their faces – makes me think that we Singaporeans are trained to frown and have that business-like expression perpetually.

Ah! These türks take life as they come, devour and savour the spontaneousity and joy life has to offer. Always ready with a joke and humour to greet life each day. Will the humour of these türks rub off me after two months? Inşallah!


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