On the Bus to Balcova

Walked past this constructuion worker. He’s well dressed – matching pants and blue patterned long-sleeved shirt. It’s very different from what similar workers in Singapore wear – mostly khaki coloured clothes.

Two Attractive Guys

  1. Mango outlet – the only male assistant in the store. He’s tall and proportionate. Great smile
  2. One of the assistants at the Turk Cell shop in Konak. Zip was 3/4 done up, with a cute bulge.

Three Attractive Women

  1. The woman at a bus agency in Bursa (the first agency we visited to obtain tickets back to Izmir). There’s something catty about her. Can I say that she purrs articulately. And her eyes – if she’s a cat, those eyes reveals more than the usual 9 lives!
  2. Dilara – her rendition of “I will always love you” melted my heart. She’s a constract to the other girl in the orchestra – the saxophonist who looked less confident.
  3. Attractive personality – Gizem. Her happy, bubbly personality makes my day – anytime, anywhere. Benim buyuk anne!



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