A Dream

Had a fantastic dream last night. Dreamt that an examiner wrote very nice things in my examination report. Was surprised when she (presumably) wrote something like “you composed for Kwan Ling and Jia Chuen in mind.” Also, she commented that fugues are usually 16 bars in length but she sometimes hear 9 bar fugues as well, hence my 9 bar fugue composition is acceptable. Mentioned that every two bars of my bar contain new material. Comment to first question was “persistent and dynamic rhythm.” Phrase that left lasting impression was “would love to continue but will have to stop. Where was I? XX marks up to now.”


Poverty. I couldn’t find an adjective for the expression in the man and the two women’s eyes as I walked past them. Every new batch of tourists bring new hope to them, an opportunity to practise their foreign tongues. One of the street merchant used “baby” and “cry” and tried to persuade Hobbit to purchase her ware. Do these merchants feel helplessness and determinedness when a tourist reject their promotions? Perhaps not, as rejection becomes part of their daily lives. They will make excellent insurance agents. Oh yes, I am amazed at the speaking ability of the Turks in general. Or for that matter, Europeanss in general. They seem to be able to express their thoughts readily. Furthermore, their conversations are frequently littered with tibits of humour. Perhaps life is too hard for them to remain solemn and serious. Why add to misery to one’s life? Laughter makes life more bearable.


Was reminded of handicapped people that I saw. The courage to live life despite feeling different (for certain people), handicapped by physical defects (imagine being blind!). Is there any reason why I should remain gloomy or depressed or feel that I am unequal, lowly to others when I am physically more fortunate than the handicapped people? (11/08/06: I was and am trapped by my imagined handicaps.)

There is nothing wrong with me. I must embrace life and grab everything that it has to offer me.

P.S. The guided tour was excellent. Feels good to be travelling in a coach and being able to visit many places within a day.


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