13.06.06 Tuesday, On Metro Bus, seat 15

Hoo! The seats in Metro are really comfy. Velvety seats with printed motifs on them, with a brown leather covered head-rest. There’s even a leg-rest, just like the ones in some airplanes!

The mountainer-biker (presumbly the boss of the travel agency) is truly charming. Was bowed over by his speech, his “whitening toothpaste advert” smile and his perfect posture. And of course, his handwriting. This was something that I have not seen in other Turks. The upper and bottom region was high – signifying idealism, perfectionist and ambitiousness respectively. The script was reasonably large and written in a quick pace – signifying leadership (or rather sociable) and quick thinking respectively. Am confident that if he were educated in a British school (or any western school) his script would be cursive. I think he would make an ideal role-model for me, in terms of acquiring his charmingness (which should stem from his self-confidence – does sports work such wonders for people?).


The underground caves were fantastic. It was inconceivable how the Hittites managed to produce such dwellings. What’s more, with eight storeys, complete with kitchen(s), vineyard, dungeons for keeping and crucifying enemies, rolling stones weighing 200kg to crush enemies and to seal up sections of tunnels, the wells and a place for slaughting animals.

Was surprised that Sibel, our guide, remained quiet when I mentioned that Turkish people are nice – does silence mean consent?

Would love to stay a night in one of those rooms. Visited some caves, presumbly the site where Starwars was filmed. Wasn’t particularly impressed because had visited similar caves during our biking trip the day before. Ah. What was interesting was the curosity of a group of Turkish students. They enquired of our nationality, took pictures with us, greeted us with smiles throughout. How unsingaporean is such behaviour! Well, smiles and friendliness is free and should always bring good fortune to the giver (although it should always be accompanied with prudence) – which reminds me of something that I have read in a book by John(?) Maxwell: treat others as you would like to be treated.

I need to be a friend for others to be friends with me. Which leads us to stage 2 of brainwashing:

1) To be relaxed

2) To be interested in people

3) To be confident (How to achieve this?)

Oh yah. Our accomodation, the caves, were truly freezing. Makes me think the temperature is to keep us fresh so as to be butchered by the man with extremely yavas reaction speed. On both nights, bad things happened to my feet. 1st, feet were frozened. Weighted like lead and couldn’t feel a thing. Had to wear sock and jean to recover them. 2nd. Had serious cramps in both legs. What have I done to deserve this! Also, had this strange dream which involves me flying (travelling) in a machine. Machine was damaged by a friend who turned against my companion(s) and myself. War broke out.

Egs of metamorphosis:

caterpillar to butterfly

egg (tapole) to frog

Kah Fai/Joseph to ?


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