Love Affair with a Bowl

At Mar & Si Hotel room

Remembered that I was the guinea pig during the pottery demonstration at the pottery factory. Had a crush on an orange coloured bowl where the smaller version costs 30 YTL after discount! Come to think of it, the bowl will collect dust after years of serving as white elephant. Ah yes, on hindsight, the potter showed humour even as I am trying my hand at pottery making. Hobbit drowned the lid fo the cayenne container during lunch time. Anyway, who is to say that the hole for the spoon cannot be used as the hole for dispensing cayenne pepper?

Owed Jacqueline 100. Shit. I really suck at forex translation. Brian doesn’t work fast at all. Am plentium 7 in Seu Yang’s vocabulary.

Felt ready to visit and go for church services every Sunday when I return to Singapore. Will get Roy to go with me. Hope he concedes with my decision.

For every joke that is made, there needs to be an appreciative audience who laughs.


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