Joy of Food

At Bursa Otogar

Yesterday was an amusing day. We wanted to eat Tavuk ve pilav. To our horror, the two restaurants that offer it sells it at 9.5 YTL and 9 YTL as opposed to 7 YTL and 6.5 YTL as quoted the day before. Time to practise my Turkish – “Nicin farkli” which returned “service”. Woohoo. An additional 3 YTL for no apparent service besides dish washing and making the restaurant for looking more populated! The amazing thing was that we went from the first restaurant to the second one three, and two times respectively! We finally decided to eat something else – pilav and a dish and a soup and a dessert and (something illegible) for only 3.5 YTL! Another opportunity to practise my Turkish! “Hangi lezzetli?” which evoked a “Hepsi”. Haha. A good one to which I replied “Sahi air?” There was no reply but a smile and an intent look. The server asked “Turkice?” to which I replied “Biraz” – he nodded his head agreeing. Then  he asked something which involved “Okuyil …” Fuck didn’t understand him. Hmmm. This journal is starting to record my linguistic adventures.

Ah. Another highlight of our dinner was this couple with their cocuk daughter (kiz) who appraoched us while we were lazing around. The Turks seem to ahve this fascination with foreigners, especially those who look different from them. The father pointed to Jacqueline’s eyes and said “Japense” and “guzel” to her daughter. The father initially thought that we were Japense but realised our true nationality after our conversation. Later on, the kiz came to us, offering us wet tissue paper! Ha. Such is the curosity and hospitality of the Turks.

Had an excellent conversation with Jacqueline and Clarence separately last night. Somewhat surprised at the breadth of knowledge possessed by Jacqueline. She makes an excellent conversationalist.


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