Hanging Out With the Crew

At International House

Was/Is mersmerised by Jacqueline. Appreciated her general knowledge. Think she would make a perfect wife! Ah ah. Although she’s generally anaytlical, she has this soft and sensitive side to her. Or did I imagine that?

It feels good to be with the four Singaporeans. They have taught me how to be a friend – to joke around, to tease one another, to irritate each other, to do stupid and funny things, to advise and listen to each other’s feelings and problems and to behave childishly. Even Sami. Despite my INTJ/INFJ personality, to withdraw and blacklist people whom I deemed as having no (illegible code word). However, with time, I realised that they are just different from me, just like I am very different from the rest. If the rest behaves liek me, wouldn’t I have suffered greatly and be ostracised! Instead of being ignored, I have found kindness from everyone.

Here’s three specific incidents that warrant me to write them down:

  1. At Cappadocia pottery workshop demonstration, I volunteered to try out pottery making using the traditional pottery machine where my right leg is supposed to step and spin the wheel. Couldn’t spin it as fast as the master. Looked like a clown when I wore the potter’s pants. Couldn’t think of any motion to shape the clay except to move my hands up and down repeatedly. Sounds like a cock!
  2. On the bus from Hobbit’s host house to the metro station, a man said “I hope in the future, you will become a Muslim.” after I replied “no” to his question “Are you a muslim?”
  3. At the movie theatre in Bursa, near Polis Ukulu, another man asked “Are you muslim?” There’s this charming girl who behaves as if she’s a host to the three of us foreigners. She’s not at all shy in any way. She even invited us to her class’s performance saying that she plays the guitar. I later discovered that she conducts the choir and three kids who’s strumming the guitars on a fixed chord position. The Keyboardist was excellent. He/she is a great improviser. Technical skills were all right.

I cooked porridge today. It was yummy. It’s medicine for my tummy. Did I mention that I had severe diarrhea yesterday? I went tot he toilet eight times. Six times at the gloomy blue and white hostel and twice whien I was out with the guys. Oh yes, I nearly passed out on the eighth time. I was so weak that I had to rest on the stairs of the hostel whiel Jacqueline asked where the toilet is. My face was as pale as sheets. My entire body suffered. Thank God when Jacqueline and Hobbit suggested that we, the three guys, head home and not follow them especially since I’m unwell. Think I was dehyrated as well. Was grateful to the girls since they suggested going to a pharmacy to get medication for my diarrhea.

There was a new trainee who arrived at the International House. He’s Egytian and left an impression on me. He’s not exactly loud and yet not quiet. Someone whom I would like to befriend. Surprised that he’s 27 years old. Lucky him. He did’t have to do national service. He’s very knowledgeable, has a knack for lanuages (he speaks Italian as well).

Today is Roy’s birthday. Feel like hugging and comforting him to let him know that he’s not alone in this world.



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