Another Dream

At Karsiyaka feribot terminal

I dreamt that I was at a dark street, with two open shops selling ancient wares. Here’s the street arrangement. [Diagram of a rectangle. Shop 1 and Shop 2 are at the top left corner and the top right corner respectively. There’s an evil seal in shop 2]

I saw these mysterious and interesting cooking seals made presumbly of iron as they are black in colour. I was attracted to this black seal bearing the initials “2I”. I was greatly shocked when I saw the imprint on my finger when I withdrew from the seal. Somehow, I recognised or someone pointed out to me that it was the mark of the evil one and that if I don’t find the antidote soon, I will become one of them. I told someoine “You must cut away my hand if I am turning into a zombie.”

Somehow, Sergei, some other people and I were seated at this rectangular table. No one wanted to remove my finger. Sergei finally volunteered to do so, using a penknife. Strangly, I felt little pain while Sergei was performing the operation. But very strangly, Sergei was sawing away at my entire hand, not just the infected finger!

I heard someone saying that if a seal of the Good One can be found and impressed upon the innocent looking yet blustered finger, the evil powers will be neutralised and I shall recover. Hurray! Suddenly, I was declared okay.

Ah. Before Sergei cut me, I woke up from my dream because the guys were preparing to go to work. Sergei was having his breakfast. I greeted him but he didn’t reply to me. Bloody rude. Fell asleep again as I didn’t sleep much last night – the guys returned in the the middle of the night and I didn’t get my sleep. In my dream, I recognsied that Sergei was under the control of the evil one who was actually Serkan in a black robe with a hood.

Part 2 of dream: There’s this girl who had a crush on me. Sent me a confession of sins. Ignored her. The next day, I met her when I was walking towards Chinatown (the opposite block where mum lives) with my family. She kept her head low. When I truned back to look at ther, she stared at me and wept.


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