The guys went to play futbol while I was sitting near a bush reading “The Railway Bazaar”. The midiye seller, peddar was three meters away from me. He asked me where I am from, how long my journey from Singapore to Turkey took and asked whether I found Turkish women beautiful. I naturally answered “Yes” and then he started making this hand gesture – one hand forming a ring using the index finger and thumb, the other hand’s index finger penetrating and retreating into the ring repeatedly – after which he said “cok guzel”. I replied that “Ben genc”. ASked how old I am. Said that 24 years old is not young. Kept saying Turkish women are great stuff.

Went to St. John Church with Clarence in the mornign. Was a refreshing experience. Felt a sense of repentence towards God. Was excited at communion, receiving the bread and wine. Decided that I shalln’t care if AIESEC dislikes me. I shall just trust in God and take things as they come. So what if I don’t get to stay with a host and Clarence and Sami gets to. The point is to rest in God and his plans for me. Surprising that it’s in Turkey that my faith rejuvenates since Turkey is predominantly a Muslim country (according to official statistics, 99% of the population are muslims. However a children library’s librarian told me that in reality, only 95% of Turks are muslims, as evidenced in graveyeards and cementaries. The Turkish people in the church proves my point.


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