Dali and Thailand

At International House

My heart hurts so much. Lost 3 YLT! Got the change after paying for internet usage. Pocketed them. Guessed the change rolled out of my bermuda shorts just now.

Took a photo with Gizem and Seda. Feels good. The one taken with Seda looks romantic. Had a fantastic background. Her hair was flying. Wooh. She’s pretty.

The incident with TEGV is completely shitty. Turkish people adore Salvado Dali because of his concept of flexible time, being malleable, flexible, fluid.

Oh yeah. I found it hard to tell Sami to pay me $2.50 (wanted $3 actually). Since I cooked so often for him. There were so many opportunities where I can tell him about it. But I hesitated time and time again. I should do something about this.

Really wanted to go to Thailand on a backpacking trip. But I thought about popo. That I wanted to get her an OSIM massage chair. Going to Thailand will delay me from buying the chair.

Oh yeah. Have been noticing Zibi’s face. His mouth reminds me of my grandpa’s!



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