At 22:25

Went for a stroll and jog just now. Saw many things, the life of the Turkish people. Saw a boy, possibly in his teens, peddaling his wares, midye on his leg. A plate of lezzetci shells and rice balancing on his head. I can imagine the years he spent to perfect this balancing act. Shouldn’t he be at home at this time revising for his exams or doing his tuition homework?

Saw a man roasting a sweet corn directly on the burning coals. Surely he and the buyers are aware that the coals release poisonous carcinogenous fumes!

Maybe there’s really no point in learning Turkish since I will be leaving this country in another two weeks. Since most turks will be educated and be able to speak English. So why should I bother to learn Turkce?

Did I mention that I love teaching children? Their innocence, their smiles, their insecurities, their mischievousness, their everything. How much can I earn from teaching though?

While walking home, I remembered that my 21th Birthday wish is to ensure that there’s less lonely people in this world. But I look at myself – how can an introvert like myself make a difference to the world of the lonely?

… Me, seated at one end fo the table, writing furiously while the rest are having conversations and saka yapiyorunuz.


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