Thoughts on a Feribot


Am I a fool, is that what Ahmet, the guy at the internet cafe think I am? Saying that it costs 25 kurus but returning me only 10 kurus when I handed him one lira? When he heard that I’m leaving for Istanbul tomorrow, he said “I will miss you”. Miss me for not being able to swindle me anymore? To which I replied “Bende”. So, did I hand him a 50 kurup or one lira coin? Ah! Forget it. Cos I remembered two occasions where he charged me less than I should have paid. This incident reveals another weakness of myself: I have to be assertive and adopt the attitude of asking, not being afraid to ask.

Ah, the man at the Mango outlet is damn charming, the twinkle in his eyes when he winked at me. His smile is gorgeous!

Could sense that Clarence wasn’t particularly agreeable that we meet up with Yu Fu on Tuesday or Wednesday. Ah, my personality is to accept especially helpless, lonely, quiet people because I perceive that they are in need of help and I can able to help them. Last day at Izmir, everything looks so beautiful. It’s time that we humans start to treasure things, not when it’s too late.

Thought of visiting Serkan’s parents to bid them farewell – Clarence said that it’s not a good idea. Oh yes, I saw Serkan on the street yesterday while walking Yu Fu and the rest to Kamil Kos. We were really quiet and formal. This riff, presumbly I hope was caused by cultural differences.

Am touched by Nur’s gesture! I am humbled by Merike and Musser’s friendship. How shall I put it? The freedom to laugh and continue life despite their visual impairment is inspiring. And is there any reason why I should lose hope? To greet life each day with joy, to grab everything that life has to offer.


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