Life after bermuda

Oct 10, 2012
Fleeting thoughts. Been over a week here. quick recap. Left Bermuda on Saturday. Transited at Washington DC. Stayed over at the Westin which I got over Hotwire. $72. No internet though. That cost another $10. Bed was super comfortable. Guess the body can never get used to the floor (was sleeping on the wooden floor at home for more than a month after I sold the bed). Jogged a bit the next day. Asked for a late checkout. Left at 1pm.

Was sick. Could be due to dehydration – was walking around on feet under the scorching sun. Horrendously hot. 35c. Shirt and pants were soaked through. Feverish in the evening. Kick-start natural therapy – minced/sliced raw garlic soaked in honey. Did that for a day. Grossed out though taste was all right. Had garlic pills. Bought more potent garlic pills. felt better today. though was coughing my lungs out. Researched on fever. actually, the body raised its temperature so that certain virus/bacteria can’t survive in the higher temperature environment. taking paracetemol / acetamin / ibufupin is really to make the body more comfortable (and it’s implied that the temperature doesn’t really drop although it created the illusion that it’s lower).

hanged out with Roy’s friend, Bohram. From Nepal. Works as a petrol gas attendent / works inside the gas station. He earns like US$300 per month. [There was this song playing in Roy’s car – the lyrics mentioned something about success in life is attributable to 70% own efforts and 30% destiny. I recalled that I’m a lucky bastard to be born in Singapore where English is our first lang, there’s jobs etc. Incidentally, this ties back to a sermon I heard in Bermuda. The pastor was saying that Bermudians are one of the luckiest folks on the planet – they earn high wages, etc. Which is bloodly true. Where do you get this in the rest of the world – a truck driver earning US$4k per month?]. Reminds me of my insistent and constant whining about work on the island. Guess it’s uncalled for?

Loved the idea of meeting Ken and Ann in Chicago. But it would mean having to stay for another 3 days. Sigh. I’d better watch my wallet and save up since I’m unemployed now. Frivolous spending is not the way to go.

Random thought – there’s this movie Blindness playing on the telly now. Seems to be about this contagious virus that resulted in tons of people becoming blind. They had to reside in a facility for treatment. Some of them ganged up and restricted the food supplies and robbed the rest of them. Later on, the bad gang (comprised whollly of men) demanded sex from the women in return for food. So on. Life of the blind. Again, we are lucky bastards aren’t we?

I owed farewell messages for quite a lot of folks on the island. shit. procrastination. seems like work.

pretty happy with myself today. learnt about the meaning of differentiation which is the process of deriving gradient function. and to prove the few rules. learning takes on new meaning when you understand. very different from my A and O levels where I memorised without much understanding.


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