Peaceful week though with greenish phlegm!

Oct 14, 2012-10-14
This week nothing much. Went for Thai food with Roy at this park. Great tom yam, fried rice and crispy appetiser and stir fried vegetables. Went for Chinese / Japanese Tim Sum buffet on Friday morning.  The soup based wonton was pretty good. Highlight of the deserts was honey dew sago. Went to Caluccio for brunch / lunch on Saturday morning. One of the best meals I have had in this place. Had seafood salad. The prawns and mussels were bloody fresh. Caught a movie after that – Frankieweenie. Points worth mentioning – it’s black and white, theme was death of one’s loved one and great desire to bring that loved one back to life, 3D. Wasn’t spectacular. Thought that the movie was more meant for adults than kids, few laughter filled moments / scenes.

I finally received electronic study package. Over 800 pages for a paper. Omg. Espanol – spent a tiny weeny bit of time on it everyday. I am struck by this sentence in the FSI study materials “to acquire fluency requires a lot of work, most of it repetition and boring”. At least I know what to expect when i’m going through the verbal drills…


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