Day trip to the desert and the day after

Friday – Went to the Babu John’s house. Watched the Nepalese workers work to get the camp site materials and equipment ready for transportation. Reached the desert. Tires were deflated till they are about 18 psi – this makes driving on the sand substantially easier. En route to the camp site, one of the vehicles in the entourage got stuck in the sand. Our car made a u-turn to help the damsel in distress. Originally, the driver wanted to hook up the stuck vehicle to the back of his car. But our vehicle ended up being stuck in the sand as well. We started to push the first stranded car from the back, with the engine running. Hurray. Rescued one. Pushed the second one. Hurray. Rescued another one. Another vehicle of our group was stuck. Massive joint effort made it possible for that car to be rescued.

We reached the campsite at about 1pm. Another person had already set up camp on the location/spot that Babu John had in mind. Even though he had applied for a campsite permit previously, it’s to no avail. Spots in the desert is based on a first-come-first-served basis. Apparently, Babu John and/or his friends went to look for another suitable spot. We hung around, drank beer, talked a bit. It was time for lunch – at 3pm. Chicken briyani. Huge portion.

After lunch, the search for a suitable campsite continued. I hopped into a car and joined in the search. Saw the border of Saudi. Amazing. Went up and down the sand dunes for a bit due to a change to the driver (previous driver was pretty conservative with driving and didn’t want to cause damage to his car). The driver and the guy next to him found 2 potential spots and took some photos and presumably emailed it to Babu John for his consideration. Then, the car stopped somewhere and we chilled out.

About 30-45minutes later, we drove to another spot in the desert which turned out to the site for setting up camp. All of us helped out to set up 2 tents and the toilet. It took us like 4-5 hours of pulling canvas, ropes, digging and shovelling sand, moving steel bars and frames, etc. Exhausting really. At about 9pm, the bulk of the camp setup was completed, though they still need to erect a “fence” around the campsite… one of the uses presumably to protect the women from the stray eyes and harassment of other men.


Rested at home. Had blood in phlegm for the past 2 days. Today’s phlegm was the worst – about 90% of my phlegm comprised of nearly black coloured blood. Gross. Roy went with Boram to get alcohol and pork. Had lunch at home and went to see a doctor after that. Spend about S$100 which includes 2 x-rays. Doc said that he thinks I might have bronchitis. He put me on antiobiotics for a week.


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