Sand dune bashing! Oct 31, 2012-10-31

I have been tardy in recording this chronicles of my life. Or rather my thoughtscape (hmmm, self-invented word – you have got landscape, why not thoughtscape?). tardiness – perhaps not unexpected given that I procrastinate a lot – I want to take my time to think through – but I guess there’s never enough time to do that. I reckon that I should execute more – just like in audit…

Okay. Last Saturday – i went to the desert with Samantha’s (“Sam”) family and 4 friends of Sam’s best friend. Sam’s family was visiting – comprising her mum and her mum’s boyfriend. Anyhow, it was 190 real per person. 5 of us in a jeep/4 wheel drive including Sam’s husband – Bangkit (wrong spelling). The drive to the desert took about an hour and 15 minutes – I think it was longer than the previous trip as there’s kind of a traffic jam en route. Reached the starting point of the desert – the hired drivers deflated the tyres. And then, off we went! We went up, down, left and right (the driver used some skidding technique), forward and backward (yes, backward as in the vehicle drove in a reversed fashion). There was this tall dune where we went down in a whizz – best bash of the trip i.e. the verb for travelling on the sand dunes to elicit excitement is “to bash”, if I got it right…

We stopped at 3 places for some photo taking. The first was at the top of this dune and it leads to a body of water. It’s kind of shallow. The gradient of the dune makes it perfect for taking a tea tray / tray used in canteens/cafeteria and sliding down on it! Actually, some kids went down the dune on their butts. After say 5-10 minutes, the bashing continued. The second place we stopped at was at the top of another dune, though there’s no water to see then. By this time, which was about 5ish(?), the moon was up, concurrently with the sun. The comingling or rather coexistence of the reminder of day and night makes this day truly unique. I must also point out that there’s no clouds at all in the sky! You just don’t see any of the puffy white cotton pads up there. Simply because there’s hardly any moisture in the desert to create them. (i remembered memorising the cycle of water in my secondary ½ days and it came out during the test for which i scored 96/100!). the last stop was at the touristy camp. Guys were playing volleyball to the tune of some western dance music – surprise surprise, apparently western R&B / pop music is immensely popular in doha.  You/i would have thought that they listen to Arabian/Indian/etc music but apparently not! In the same vein, i guess it would be unfair to presume that as a (Singaporean) Chinese, I should be listening to Chinese music… but instead this little prick digs western classical and western indie folk. All right, but hey I was in the Chinese orchestra for 2 years and played the Chinese fiddle for about 4 years, okay!

Back to the touristy camp site, there’s say 5 tents pitched adjacent to one another. These are family sized tents which can probably contain 5-7 people. There’s remnants of a campfire in the middle. Next to it was the volleyball net and the guys playing the game (kinda strange seeing them fully clothed and some wearing pants. Strange as in, dudes in American shows almost inevitably show guys wearing beach shorts while playing beach volleyball – I hereby convict myself of stereotyping and being conditioned by the American tv…). the entire campsite is located by the sea/ocean (what’s the difference, incidentally?). note that this camp site is private, exclusive only to folks who paid for the entrance/tents/etc. There was this jeep that suddenly appeared and drove along the shore – kids, families had to get out of its way. If i may pass an judgmental, that driver is either idiotic or inconsiderate. I mean, he probably knew that he’s going to enter into a private camp and yet he still proceeded with what he was doing. Oh well, such is life.

To conclude on the trip, it was thoroughly awesome. Something that I would not do again, since I have done it already. Except for the steep ride down the dune, the rest of the bash is not as exciting as some of the Disneyland/Sea world’s rides. But, for first – timers, I would definitely recommend sand dunes bashing – it’s an essential desert experience, albeit a touristy one. !


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