Steamboat dinner at Movenpick Hotel – Oct 31, 2012-10-31

Sam invited me to steamboat at Movenpick Hotel the day before – October 27, 2012 as she had enough “coupons” – basically 2 for 1 coupons. This is the concept – if half of the attendees of the steamboat bring their coupons, all attendees only pay half of the original cost. Anyhow, she picked me up or rather Bangkit since he’s the driver. The steamboat dinner was at Mee Wok or Wok Mee at Movenpick Hotel. Rather posh place I say. In total, there were 10 or 12 of us. Mainly Singaporeans. It’s really good to hear the familiar Singaporean accent again. J You know, it makes you feel at home. And there’s plenty of common denominator – Singaporean accent, places in Singapore like Hotel 81, Hotel Frangrance… (haha, for non-Singaporeans, these hotels are synonymous with hourly rate hotel or places where you bring tarts to…).  My group had the tom yam soup base. It was excellent. It’s spicy but not the hot-spicy you know. Had ton of the soup. Fish was nice.  Attendees were interesting – 2 diplomats/ministry of foreign affairs officers, 2 i don’t know what, an asset management manager who’s going to set up a branch of his bank in Singapore, etc.

I had to talk to Bangkit as Sam said that he used to go for western classical music concerts. It’s my forte, right and I can contribute quite a bit to it. Anyhow, we talked a bit. He’s into cello music. Hmm, I can only remember the Hiliary and Jacqueline movie (the one where the two sisters play the flute and cello), a Hadyn cello concerto and JS Bach’s cello suites. Anything else – nada. I told him I read quite a bit – my fave are fantasy books, especially those that involve magic, dragons, wizards, witches, etc. He mentioned this fantasy series to me – the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. 13 books in total. Oh my – it’s suicidal – I know I’m going to devour that series and not do anything else. Shit. Oh yes, he also mentioned about this film which he liked – it’s called Beseeched by this Italian film director. I’m going to check it out.

Oh yes, the Wheel of Time IS good. It’s pretty rich in its description. It’s not like JR Tolkien where the level of details is insane to me. WoT is very readable though it’s not like that magic flicks where you can just skim through with speed reading. It demands a certain level of attention. Anyhow, I’m in for a rolling good time with WoT!


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