Similarity induces attraction

I remembered having this conversation with Mark more than once – you are attracted/more likely to become friends with someone who looks like you. I hate to say this – many positive relationships (friendships/romance/etc) tend to start with people of the same skin colour as yours. I know it’s an idiotic thing to say. But it’s true. How do I put it. Let’s say you are at a party and there are 2 strangers standing in front of you. They are exact clones of each other except for the skin colour – one is the same as yours, while the other is darker/fairer. You have to make contact with one of them. Which one will you choose, if you don’t think about it? I venture to guess that you will choose someone of your skin colour. It’s base thinking. But somehow, human beings are wired to look for commonality among one another in the (early) formation of a relationship. In my party example, the common denomination is skin colour.

For some (unknown) reason, I gravitate towards someone who looks like me, speak like me, think like me, etc. Apparently, this is known as a similarity (bias). Hmmm, here’s some readings on this matter:

On similiarity (bias) – General:

On similiarity (bias) – Music:

For bedtime reading:


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