Incidents of being ripped off or perceived to be ripped off

  1. At park, bought roasted corn for MX$20 (close to US$2). Seriously, why would a roasted corn be so expensive?
  2. Asked for the price of fried potatos. Woman quoted me MX$12 (when I saw the same stuff selling for MX$5 at Ciudad Universitaria
  3. Taxi from Casa de los Amigos to Roma Norte, near Sevilla metro station. Paid MX$70 and wasn’t dropped off in front of my place. I told him the street before the actual street and he said it’s my mistake. If I want to go to my place, I have to pay him MX$100. Fucking bastard. I told him Dejame (it should have been Dejeme). Anyways, he dropped me off along the main street.

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