Life is short

There was an explosion in the lobby / ground floor of Pemex, the state owned petroleum company in Mexico yesterday just before 4pm. Do a Google search for the news.

Peggy sent me a message asking whether I was all right. Thanks Peggy!

I had this urge/impulse to visit the site of the explosion today. I did act on it. The aftermath of the accident was rather silent and organised today. Two lanes outside the Pemex building were barricaded. There were police officers, soldiers, journalists along with their vehicles lining up on both sides of the roads.

I suddenly had this realisation that perhaps what Pep said was right. There is this bigger destiny at work which is beyond our control though we can seek to discover what it is. Or in the words of my mum, whether one will be rich or not, is pre-destined. Or according to the lyrics of a hokkien song that I have heard in Roy’s car, being rich is 90+% fate/destiny and the rest, your own effort. I find it rather disturbing that you get to meet Hades or our heavenly father or ? depending on where you are at a certain time. It’s a matter of timing. Just like the two brothers, aged 13 and 7, who died in a recent horrific truck accident at Singapore, Tampines. So, maybe, you don’t get to choose your death. Or who you meet or what happens to you. Hmmm. A pretty fatalistic view, isn’t it? Maybe you have some control over your life or is that control perceived and not real in actual fact? Is it like the movie Matrix? Is there a superior being up there (you can call it God, etc, etc) who controls us like puppets?

It’s kinda scary isn’t it? You can be at the wrong place and at the wrong time tomorrow and blaam! soyonara, adios, despedida to this world. I remembered watching a TED video of Steve Jobs. He said that he looked at himself in the mirror daily and asked that if it were his last day on Earth, is he doing what he should be doing?

Are you doing what you should be doing if today is your last day on Earth?


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