Update on life

It’s uncanny. I visited a fortune teller in Hong Kong few years ago. He commented that I am a very hurried person and that I should slow down (in life). He also prognosticated that I will become better / change for the better as in, become less hurried when I reached 31. True. I’m now one of the biggest bummers. I wake up at 9ish or 10ish, without a care of the world (not true but I like this exaggeration). This is starkly different when I was in Singapore or Bermuda. Every morning when I waked up, I would be running through a checklist of work-related matters which stressed the hell out of me. Yes, I know. I could have been disciplined and forced myself not to think of work matters. You say it’s a choice, a decision. But easier said than done. Anyhow, that’s history.

I was having dinner with 2 couchsurfers KJ and Peggy the other day. I came up with a very lame joke which the two of them laughed at, just to appease me. Then KJ came up with scenario-based questions which is not unlike those in Kokology. According to the results, I prioritise money, love, sex, friendship and purity in this order, where money is valued the most. Peggy came up with another scenario-based question which is uncannily accurate. Here it goes:

Imagine a house consisting of only one room. Now imagine an animal. What animal is it and where is the animal located in the room?

Next, imagine stone(s). How many stones are there, what form are/is they/it in and where are/is they/it located (in the center of the room, by the walls, at a corner, outside the house, pebbles, boulder, mountain, etc).

Next, imagine flowers. How many flowers are there, what type of flowers are they, where are they located?

My responses are as follows:

I imagined a horse, a brown and good looking horse. It is of a decent size and is located in the centre of the room/house.

I imagined a fireplace made of stone and a box sized stab of stone next to the horse.

As for flowers, I have no preference for any particular variety. Just some flowers, not too many, say less than 20, 10 and they are located by the gate of the fence surrounding my garden.

Peggy’s analysis was as follows:

The animal represents your dream. The size of the animal represents the magnitude of your dream. The location of the animal represents how close you are to your dream (in my case, the horse is in the centre of the room – which means that I’m living my dream right now – which is true. I was just commenting to my sister that it’s a dream come true, living in Mexico right now)

The stone represents your obstacles. According to Peggy, my fireplace represents that my obstacle will sustain me. She later revealed that she visualised a mountain that is outside her house – which means that her obstacle is mammoth but she doesn’t pay attention to it (as it’s outside her house). KJ said that he would like plenty of stones of all sizes to be scattered throughout his room/house. Go figure what it means…

The flowers represent your friends. In my case, I don’t need a lot of friends since I focus on the quality / caliber rather than quantity. KJ mentioned that he would like a lot of flowers throughout his garden and of blue and white colour. Perhaps, the preference of a certain type of flowers indicate a certain type of personality / characteristics in friends?

Other stuff I have been doing/have done include:

  • visiting the pyramids at Teochihuacan with Peggy and KJ. We did a gangsa dance on one of the sacrificial platforms (kidding! though it was definitely a platform). The temple of the feather serpent felt strange, amiss, weird.
  • my housemate Caleb celebrated his 26th birthday at home. There was a DJ and the turnout was like 50 people. The music and the party ended at about 6am and 7am respectively. Socialising with strangers in Spanish was too much for me. I retreated to my room at about 2.30am. Couldn’t sleep with the music booming and conversations in the background. Finally fell asleep at 6am (I think).
  • Met up with a couchsurfer Omar. We hanged out at like 2-3 bars and 2 clubs. I drank like 6-7 bottles of beer and … puked at the last club. The last club was interesting. There was a gogo boy dancing on this cat walk platform. Interesting…
  • Went dancing overnight with Marco at Living. Crazy and gigantic place. There were scantily clad male and female dancers throughout the night on a platform which was in the middle of the club. Reached the place at about 11:30pm and stayed till 7am. All right. I confess: I took a nap from 6am to 7am.
  • Hunted for my new place. Visited hospedajes which are cheap – about MXP$2,500 per month but look absolutely revolting. Ended up with a place in Santa Maria La Ribera which is a neighbourhood that is ranked 8th in terms of crime rate in Mexico City in recent times. BUT, I strolled along the neighbourhood 2-3 times and felt peace. Either I’m getting desensitized to danger or I’m turning Mexican or the neighbourhood is truly all right.
  • Going to a Mexican restaurant named La Pagoda at Centrol Historico for meals. Decently priced and good food.

I’m sure there’s other stuff that happened. Let me crack my brain and memory!


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