01/06/06 Thursday (published on August 9, 2006)


Money seeps away rapidly. There’s literally a hole in my pocket (jeans) and a hole in my wallet and that hole is expanding with each new day.


Shit. Should try hitchhiking. It’s really amazing that the Brazilian girl hitch rides from Brasil to Turkey by herself – truly a woman of guts. She looked like an introvert to me. Liked the ring on her nose.



Indeed, everyday is an interesting day. Yana’s foot was kissed by seaa urchins! As the Chinese saying goes “打是疼, 骂是爱”. Haha, the sea urchins must hav e loved Yana tremendously! A love so deep that it remains embedded in the flesh. So deep that only pain itself can remove these traces of love.


What was inspiring was Yana’s sunny disposition during and after her sugical operation. Smiles and jokes truly work wonders.


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