08/06/06 Thursday, after my morning walk to the Marina (published on August 9, 2006)

Would love to own a yatch in the future. Saw a man sleeping in one. Is he the owner? The wonderous feeling and experience of being out in the sea, with vast spread of blue water. With diamonds dancing acrossing the horizon when the sun is awakened (reminds me of the ferry boat rides). Who could resist the temptation to savour moments like these?


Told myself that since I am good with words (or rather, words have a special significance for me), I shall brainwash myself with words. For instance, I am (to be continued)…


Read in a book that to be a people-oriented person, I must (shit!) delight in being interested in people. Hmm, actually it should be “be interested in people.” How, how can I be interested in people? Sudden revelation. “Love your neighbour as yourself.” Who says Christianity is not a practical religion? Shucks. Honestly, as you should have known by now, I have difficulty in loving this unloveable myself. So, how can I love others as myself?

Hmmm. What does the bible say about loving oneself? …


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