10/06/06 Saturday, on the bus to Cappadocia (published on August 11, 2006)

Went to an internet cafe today. Paid 1 YTR for 1.5 hours of internet usuage. Hooo. That was cheap. The fuck-up thing was that I wasn’t able to access my NTU studentlink – couldn’t check my examination results. Sigh. Honestly and sincerely, I had hope for 2 As, am I expecting too much?

3 Bs of a woman: brains, boobs and butts.

Went to a beach. Was populated with locals. Saw three Japaneses playing beach ball. A woman bounced the ball on her boy-friend’s butt. Hmmm. The man’s butt was super bouncy. Ha. Flawed logic. Took the free “train” service up to the checkpoint. There was this boy, presumbly about 12-13 years old who looked really cool. He had golden pelo, wore a silver earring on his left ear. Hooo! Wondered if I can pull it off. I will definitely bleach my hair when I get back to Singapore. Want to look cool! Haha.


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