Random diary – Feb 19, 2011 (published on May 23, 2011)

Nothing much happened this week.

Yesterday was Friday. Went for dinner with Hemanth. He’s an actuary with E&Y. Went to the USA to study since he was 20 years old. Is married and his wife is pregnant. Their baby girl, Isha, is expected to come to this world on Mar 7, 2011! It’s their first baby. Hemanth will be away for a month or so. He’s kinda of my buddy in the office, in addition to Mark.

After dinner, I stayed in the office. Was bored and watched Kung Fu Hustle by Stephen Chow. Was watching it for a few minutes or so when this new hire, Cobus, who is on an audit engagement with me. He looked very happy. Clearly drunk or near drunken state. I said you are drinking this? This is for girls! He put one of his hands on my shoulders and said are you saying that I am a girl? I backed out and said nonono. I said the drink (WKD) is very sweet. He smiled at me and said maybe he’s a girl. Drunk. He saw his friends and yelled fuck you at them. Time to slip away. Went to Hemanth’s room (he’s a manager and has his own room). Chatted a bit with him. Talked about politics, and on why USA make monetary contributions to Egypt despite the poor economic situation of some Americans.

Went back to my cubicle. Continued to watch Kung Fu Hustle. Nevash passed my cube and started talking to me. Talked to me about martial arts, that Westerns reject the idea that certain advanced martial arts practioners are able to levitate in air. He extrapolated that the practice of rejecting ideas as people are not accustomed to them which can be due to the family a person is raised in. He asked me what I think of life. I gave him a slip shot answer, that I take a step at a time in life. Philosophy and discussion on life on a Friday evening is rather heavy given that there’s Stephen Chow waiting for me.

Mark finally arrived. Made some hot cocoa, I found a bag of chips in the office. We headed off to Horseshoe Bay. Met Peggy at the restaurant opposite the beach. Did the necessary – laid a blanket to sit on. Took out food and snacked on them. Talked about all sorts of stuff. Shared some ghost stories – haven’t done that for years. am definitely rusty in that aspect. Lay down, watched the pasting clouds above us. It was almost a full moon. Can understand why some (mice) think that the moon is a big big piece of cheese.

Left the beach at about 1am. Went home. Slept. That ended Friday.


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