31/05/06 Pamukkale Trip (published Aug 9, 2006)

Went to Pamukkale (pamuk: cotton, kale: castle) on Monday. Went up the limestone hills. Was a wonderful experience. Wanted to soak in the mineral rich water on the way down – didn’t do it eventually. Travelling in a group has its perks and cons.


Visited some ruins. Was damn tired, exhausted trekking through the less treaded path. Wanted to rest for 30 minutes or so, but with Sami around, a commander I must be.


Would have loved to visit the tombs, but hey, the walk is deli (crazy). Highlight of the trip was this conversation with a Türk from Buca. He’s a researcher and certainly an interesting fellow. Our personalities are definitely in syn. He gave me a few lessons in organic chemistry. Would love to visit him one day.


İbrahim: loves fishing – which is a rest for his mind; listens to pop, rock, metal music while travelling – makes him feels alive.


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