Another day has past (published on March 28, 2007)


Suddenly, an accounting career sounds and appears very interesting. Maybe I developed a temporary hatred for accounting during the one month at Keppel. It must be the filing room that I have spent 3.5 weeks in that gave birth to my frustration and hatred for auditing. And it didn’t help that I kept having the impression that Richard thinks highly of Angeline and that I am considered inferior. Yes, maybe I am inferior, because I tend to work slowly and add “carelessness” to the picture, it equals to inferior work done by Kah Fai.

I always ask myself the question: “Am I really suited for accounting work?” given that I consistently did better in non-accounting modules when I was in university? Given that I tend to forget about things and am not very careful? Can I be detailed oriented and yet less than careful?

An accounting career is appealing to me now, because I see the potential in it. The potential to be in demand and to be able to work in different countries. I definitely need the $ and I have a great desire to be working and living overseas. So, it seems like accounting is the place to be.


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