Gladiator (published on March 15, 2007)

Gladiator refers to a manager in EY Singapore, lovingly coined by a senior of mine. Through that same senior of mine, I got to know that Gladiator passed remarks about my work. The words used were “careless” and “lacks details”. Oh boy, was I not indignant when I heard the word “careless”? For this external audit work, I had to change myself to be careful and detailed – which restricts my natural personality. To think that after my sacrifice to forsake my self, or rather, to painsakingly adopt new traits, I got labelled as “careless”?

Strangely, strangest of all things, I wasn’t affected by Gladiator’s words. Somehow, I assured myself that those words are falsehoods, the untruth because I am aware that I have been careful in my work nowadays. I check once, twice and even triple checked my work. If that is not careful, gladiator needs to have the word checked in the dictionary! “She better check her dictionary carefully hor!”


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