Jia Chuen’s Wedding Banquet (published on March 17, 2007)

Contemplated not going for Jia Chuen’s wedding banquet today since I wasn’t feeling well. However, realisation came to me that it is his once-in-a-lifetime event. Since he has invited me, which implies he treats me as a friend, shouldn’t I go and share in the celebration? I am pleased with my decision. Had hell of a time at the banquet. At my table, there’s Bernard and Tse Wei, Yi Ping, Wenlong, Liang Jian, Junwei, Randy and Kok Leong. Was delighted to see Xinyi when I wandered into the hall, searching for familiar faces. Xinyi’s existence is my inspiration. I like her a lot. I feel she deserves every ounce of my respect, which is not to say that I don’t respect other people. It’s just that, Xinyi is special and occupies a special place in my heart.

I thought Jia Chuen looked particularly dashing in his black suit on the tea ceremony day (saw it on the powerpoint presentation slides). And definitely, Ling Ling looked gorgeous today. She has angelic features, which includes a angular nose, which is not common among asians. The music selection is nice and great. Loved all of the songs except the song which is played during the serving of the first dish.

I had a sneezing fit when Yi Ping made a joke about Malays serving Badung during their wedding. Haha. My face was smeared with bits of chewed fish which Bernard politely alerted me of. Having the company of friends brings about a nice feeling in me. I love them, or rather, I treasure them even though I don’t express it. Here’s my parting message for them in case I die without seeing them again:

Xinyi – I always respect you for the person you are. I always believe you will make it big in life and with all my soul, I hope you achieve the life that you desired. Thank you for this unique friendship of ours. I also feel that if I have any problems, I can go to you if I need to. *hugs*, Xinyi.

Liang Jian – I think I have been mean to you during secondary school. If I were mean to you, I didn’t mean to. I am very sorry that I chose not to attend your OCS graduation ceremony. I realised some years ago that the ceremony must have meant quite a lot to you and that not everyone gets invited. I was, but I rejected the invitation. I thank God for you, my brother. I don’t know why, but I am tearing a bit as I am thinking of what to write next. I suppose, you have been a great testimony to me. Your greatness of heart, your cheerfulness. I appreciate all these qualities in you. Go on, spread your joyful spirit to the world.

Kwan Ling – You are a patient and determined person. Thank you for your friendship despite our past. In my eyes, you seemed that you have been through a lot during your teens and early adulthood. Trust in the Lord, there’s always this rainbow after every rain. And I hope there’s this guy who will be your rainbow and that your family will bring rainbows to people around you, ok?

Angelina – I must say, we hit off pretty well. You are a funny girl. You have touched my life.


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