Life back on the island (published on Jun 18, 2012)

June 15, 2012 Friday

One drink at Hamilton Princess with Stella, James and Matthew. Headed to House of India for Indian food after that. There’s a new guy Sean. He owns a boat. Didn’t talk to him much. He’s too far away from me. Definitely didn’t make him feel welcome when most of us were speaking in Mandarin and Singlish. Casually mentioned that I feel like having green tea, after the meal. Stella, who was sitting next to me, said that she has very good green tea at home and whether I want to go over to her place. I agreed and then backed out 30 minutes later when I realized I’m the only one going over to her place. Didn’t feel like a personal one-to-one.

June 16, 2012 Saturday

Got a call from Stella. James was looking for me. Called James and hung out with him after his work. He insisted on getting cheese and wine for the house visit. Talked a bit. Played 2 rounds of Blokus. He won the second time. Watched Game of Thrones season 2, episode 1 and 2. It was not his kind of show. He’s into educational TV/shows e.g. National Geographic. Went to Portfolio to do takeout for dinner. Went to his place.

June 17, 2012 Sunday

Finished the rest of the episodes of Game of Thrones. Didn’t quite understand the show 100%. Excited about Kaleeshe and her dragons. I am so into magic. Started an art film – Undertow. Went over to Stella’s for dinner. Prima’s Laksa and curried vegetables. Pretty good especially the Laksa. Introduced Matthew to How I Met Your Mother. Went home. Finished Undertow.

June 18, 2012 Monday

Listened to Ted talks. Needed excuse/reason to get out of this job and Bermuda. Yes, I’m finding it from others. Talked rubbish with BCA on Whatsapp. Mark and Jason asked if I’m going to the boat. Guess they wanted me there, nevermind how much they wanted it. Might be my last boat trip with BCA. Why not. Boat trip was cool. $40 inclusive of food and (alcoholic) drinks. Ate 3-4 KFC! (hasn’t had them for months since doctor said that I have high cholesterol). Had 3 Tiger Beer. Didn’t go into the water. Didn’t want water into my eyes. Boat sailed to a place with ton of fish. Some guys came up with buckets of bread and threw them into the sea. Colonies of fish snatched and gnashed at them. Sailed to a sweet spot. Vacant hotel rooms on wooden stills. Very picturesque.

Went for ice-cream with BCA. Didn’t like it. It’s too sweet.


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