Popo’s visit to the Doctor (published on March 15, 2007)

Grandma (popo) came back from the doctor after two hours. The duration is ridiculous considering that the doctor is only less than 10 minutes walk away. It got me worried. Called my aunt who accompanied popo at 8pm (one hour after they left the house) 0n the status of the visit. She said that the doctor wasn’t in the clinic yet!

At 9pm, seeing that they have yet to return from the clinic, I went out of the flat unit to look over the railings on the corridor for their bodies. I saw none. After five minutes, I saw my aunt supporting popo while popo limped slowly along. The doctor’s verdict was that the wound on popo’s heel had rotten. Immediate management of the wound is essential else dire consequence which involves amputation will result. According to my aunt, the doctor spent some time dislodging the dead cells, flesh from the wound, which explained their late return from the clinic. My aunt prognosticated that there’s a hole on popo’s heel now! Furthermore, the doctor wrote a referral letter. Popo is to be check-in the hospital tomorrow, asap. The hospital stay is essential because as I have explained, impeccable management of the wound is critical, control of her diabetics is crucial (her glucose level hit 200+units). The doctor also suspects that her kidneys are already affected by the poor management of her diabetic condition.

I can’t help but think that this lunar year of the boar is a rotten affair for many of us. The Lord be with my family.


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