Ramblings on a Sunday afternoon

I don’t feel well. I think I haven’t been eating well for the past 2 days. Pasta, egg, soup with macaroni. Anyhow, I had a brainwave – I remembered reading somewhere that beer contains all the nutrients a body needs, except for one. Anyhow, I had to go to a supermarket to get groceries as it’s public holiday in Mexico for the next two days. I can grab the beer as part of my groceries.

I was sidetracked. Waylaid by Palacio de Hierra, a shopping mall 5 minutes away from my apartment. I walked past my favourite brand – Polo Ralph Lauren. Looked at some shirts on the rack and noticed that there’s a crazy sale going on and today is the last day. Okay, I had the time so I looked around a bit. Bought a long sleeved shirt and a polo tee. Based on logical thinking. It’s less than US$90 for both. Why not. Anyway, it’s going to be lunar new year soon. I haven’t got myself new clothing for some time (not true but who cares…).

Did my grocery shopping. Returned home. Drinking my beer. I’m 2/3 through the 1 litre bottle. I think I might as well finish it. Bought bread. Haven’t had bread for weeks. My favourite way of eating slices of bread is to spread butter/margarine on the bread, put it in the toaster oven for some minutes. When the time is up, the butter/margarine melts over all the bread and it’s redolent with the buttery aroma. Unfortunately, I attempted to toast the bread twice and I failed. I left the bread in the oven for way too long and it came out scorched like charcoal. I’m too out of touch with bread. Eventually, I decided to use the (vertical) toaster instead – note that I couldn’t spread butter/margarine on the bread before toasting it.

Mundane. The above.

I have been thinking. Australia. Oh, you do know that I have a permanent residence in Australia? As long as I live. However, I have 2 more years to enter Australia. Otherwise, there goes my PR. Roy mentioned something critical recently. Healthcare is important as you age. I confirmed that with my sis. She agreed. I don’t have much Medisave in Singapore. If I retire young, where do I find the money for the cost of my healthcare in the future? Maybe I should capitalise on the ozzie PR after all. Come to think of it, it’s not a bad place at all. It consistently won the best place to live in in the world, parring itself against Canada.

Tai chi. Do you know that tai chi is beneficial for you especially when you are old? If that’s case, why don’t more people pick up tai chi? It has always been my unexplained urge to learn tai chi since young (read: when I was a teenager). It was my plan to learn tai chi in Mexico but the “suggested donation” is MXP$50 per session which is about US$4. I’m living in this fucking (relatively) expensive but extremely safe place. How can I afford the suggested donation? Anyway, I still hold on to my bucket list item of learning and practising tai chi, perhaps in China. Do you know that you can learn tai chi in the yang village or Wu Dang Sha in China? Maybe if I look like a Chinese, I wouldn’t be ripped off that bad. Wait. I am a Singapore Chinese. What am I blabbering about? It must be the beer. I’m 2/3 through that 1 litre bottle.

I don’t want to work forever. I don’t want to be working when I’m 40 years old, 50, 60. I want to live the life that I’m living now in Mexico. Wake up at 9+ or 10ish without a care in the world. Practise piano in the library. Study. Hang out with kindred spirits. Cook my own meals. Go for trips to nearby places. No. I don’t get bored if it sounds like retirement to you. I want to retire. I want money to flow into my bank account so that I can retire. Okay, I shall aim to retire at 36 years old.

Mexico. It’s making me lazy. Okay, don’t blame your circumstances. Be proactive like Stephen Covey. Anyway, I really like the life I’m living now. This is how life should be for me.


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