Stung by a jelly fish (published on May 14, 2011)

Was swimming in deep bay today. Something attacked me when I was in the water. I felt a great stinging pain on my right hand and arm. Swam some more. Pain did not go away, it persisted. Concluded in my mind that I was attacked by a jellyfish. Used my left hand to try to brush away the invisible predator. Did not work. Panicking as I was still far from shore and water is deep (feet could not reach the sea bed). Had to swim towards shore no matter what – survival instinct.

Reached the shore. Panted as I climbed up the stairs to my bike (to access deep bay, one needs to go through a flight of stairs created out of granite boulder). When I reached the top, I sat down on the floor of the nearby busstop for 5 mins before realising that ants were attacking me (there’s no seats at some/most of Bermuda’s busstops). How to treat jellyfish stings? Called Mark. Did not pick up. Called him again. He picked up finally. Explained the situation to him. He called back after a short while and asked whether there’s still any tentacles on my skin/body. I didn’t check and said no (well, I was expecting some huge octopus tentacles and obviously there were none on me). He said that vinegar, baking soda, etc can be applied and he will bring me vinegar. Thank God that I have a friend whom I can call in times of need. Don’t think I can ride home in such “shocked” condition – didn’t want to bend my right leg too much either. Called Stella to see if she and Matt’s at home and whether they could give me a ride home. Stella picked up on the second call and said yes. Her voice always seemed gentle on calls (less so in face-to-face conversations- haha) Thank God I have friends whom I can call in times of need.

Found a tentacle on my right arm when I was done with the calls. Whitish and slimy. Used a cloth that I keep in my bike’s box to get rid of it. Peace reigned. Felt giddy. Rested. Mark arrived. He’s always a cheer. He helped to poured vinegar on affected areas – there’s a intricate pattern (it’s like whip marks, lines comprising blotted dots of raised red flesh) which extends from my right hand to slightly above my right elbow. Some lesions across my right leg and belly. woo. Stella and Matt arrived. They drove me back. Yelled at Ally to keep a lookout for me. Laid down on bed. Couldn’t sleep. Got up to pour more vinegar over affected areas. After an hour or so, pain, shock, numbness subsided.

Survived a jellyfish attack. Thank God.

Here’s the pics:




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