Supper with Angel (published on March 27, 2007)

Last Friday, I popped the question to my colleague, “want to go for a drink later?”. After some waiting on her part and “I should have known. Never trust guys on being on time,” we loiter on boat quay before settling down at Indochine. Oh boy, I paid S$58 for a plate of deep fried seseme seeded chicken, squids, fish and some leaves (mint and lettuce). It was actually meant for four persons, which I thought is an overstatement. Surely a person can finish the whole dish on his own. Oh yes, the price also included a bottle of sparkling water from Italy. It tasted exactly like “Ba Hua grass snake drink”, which you can purchase a 200ml bottle at less than a dollar at major supermarkets. A bottle, of perhaps 1 litre, costs S$10 at Indochine, exclusive of surcharges.

The ambience was excellent though, although I wished we could have stayed longer – they were already preparing to close just before we left. Although conversation between Angel and I were not flourishing, esta bien. Porque it’s the company that counts, isn’t it?


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