Thoughts on a Friday Morning – Feb 4, 2011 (published on May 23, 2011)

I feel lonely in Bermuda although I’m not alone.

I’m surrounded by lots of people. People who are happy, wants to have fun and want to be friends with me. But I still feel lonely.

Life cease to have meaning. For some reason. No more popo.

I see life as a routine. Wake up, brush teeth, shower, go to work, earn money, read a book, sleep, etc.

When popo was alive, I would tell people that if I were to die the next day, I would die with no regrets as I have already done what I set out to do.

But now, if I were to die the next day, it does not make a difference to me as life seems empty. There is nothing to look forward to. Although I will be concerned about the provisions of my loved ones.

Is what I am experiencing now one of the stages of griefing for a loved one? I guess when my policy with the insurance company is set up, I should talk to a therapist, a counselor.


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