Touched (published on September 8, 2004)

I find myself touched by Schubert’s piano sonata in A minor, one of his earlier ones. The 2rd movement invokes pictures of children sprancing in the field, excited and flushed faces accompanied with shouts and shrieks.

I hope to master this piece and paint beautiful scenes with the notes. To create delicious sounds and more importantly, to touch people (and my teacher!) with my playing. I must be dreaming again. Since technical mastery of my fingers and foot on the piano and pedal still eludes me. But, I must be improving, no matter how slight it may be. I find myself experimenting on the piano. Trying to coax delicious sounds from that mechnical box with plastic keys. Trying to create big, warm sound. Legato sounds. A whisper. A broad sound. Surprisingly, I rather enjoyed the process of playing with the sounds.

Today, I realise what Sylvia Ng meant by her “press the keys”. I am certain that she knows what sounds she wants. But, sadly, she couldn’t communicate her inner world of sounds to me. And yet, she’s supposed to be teaching me. Ironically, she teaches through her limited words when sound is what she’s supposed to demonstrate and inspire in me. Shane does what she couldn’t do. Analysis of the piece PLUS demonstration.

I was particularly inspired by his playing of 2 bars of Finzi’s Fugehetta for clarinet and piano. It left me grasping “how did you do that? Why doesn’t my playing sound like yours?”

To be continued.


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