Unassigned this week! (published on November 28, 2006)

I am unassigned again (This morning, over sms, I phrased it positively “My job only starts next week”). For the whole week. Am I blacklisted by the managers or am I just plain unlucky? The 2 freshies from my batch, who joined the firm a month earlier than me, are working their butts off already. And me? Stay in office to warm up that office chair – which isn’t exactly extremely comfortable per say. I say, I should be given plenty of opportunities to work my ass off too. Never mind the screwing by nasty clients, the incessant interrogation by managers. JUST GIVE ME WORK TO DO. And yes, not the archiving of files, packing them in plain brown caton boxes.

Of course, as a manager has kindly and practically explained to me, I should be using my free time this week to look through past year’s workpapers, to understand the requirements of next week’s job and blah blah. I have tried but am constantly distracted. Staying focused is not easy and interesting. Can you believe that I have checked my email account 5 times already? Oh God, do something!Shit. I still don’t feel better after this useless whining. And I thought it’s supposed to have some therapeutic effect, just like shopping (for the gals and maybe some guys, but not necessarily for me. You do know that going to a good bookstore or a library revives me, don’t you? Oh yes, I could visit a library tonight to purge these whines out of me).

And yeah, I thought I escaped from participating in the D&D performance. Hell no. I was singled out today, over the phone. The manager voice thundered “Are you aware that it is compulsory to go for the D&D?” to which I replied meekly (make it “coolly”) “No, I don’t know that it’s compulsory.” and blah blah. The conclusion: I am supposed to lip-syn (did I spell it correctly?). Perhaps, also to shake my bon-bon and sway to the rhythms of the music, and of course, to put on this constipated look on my face. The first rehearsal is tonight, at 6pm (I have to stay back an hour just for this! actually it’s 30mins, but hell, I wanted to go home half an hour earlier since I am unassigned). I hope they realise that getting me to lip-syn is going to make the department look pathetic and they had better get someone else to do it. I think I can crow better than I lip-syn. Kuku-dodo!

What is my life heading towards? A life of sitting in the office and typing whining emails? Oh Allah Allah, DO SOMETHING. Hmmm, on hindsight, I should be doing something too. But trust me, I will do what I should be doing, starting from this Wednesday.

The End.


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