Update from paradise – Apr 25 2011 (published May 14, 2011)

I worked crazy hours over the Easter holiday. LOL. Went to the beach on Friday morning to afternoon to fly kite. Had a great chat with a South African colleague. His wife offered me hotdogs. Very nice and polite. Ended off at Swizzle Inn for a late lunch/early dinner.

Had a nap till 8pm. Went to work till 12.30am. Then watched a comedy at home on my laptop till 2am. Slept for 2 hours. Was woken up by Marc’s 2 sisters who were talking in the kitchen. Alistair, my housemate, came into my room to borrow my helmet. i was already awaken by then. Am a light sleeper. couldn’t get back to sleep after that. went to office to work for 30mins. Felt sleepy. Slept under my desk!! šŸ™‚ We always joke about curling under our desk and sleeping under it. I just had to try it! woke up at 8.30am. Worked till 1.30pm. Went home for a nap. Worked from 6pm to 1am. slept. Worked from 8.30am to 3.30pm. Took a break. Didn’t really work after that…


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