Aftermath of Caleb’s birthday bash (my housemate)

Given that tomorrow is the Lunar New Year, I figured that it’s best to post these photos before the arrival of the auspicious day tomorrow (never mind the fact that the day has already arrived in Asia-pacific…).

Caleb is one of my two housemates. He’s an assistant director with a graphic design company. It was his 26th birthday. The party was crazy. It came with a DJ as well. Turnout was over 50 people (I swear by this). The music was booming all the way till the wee hours of the day (read 6am).

I retreated to my room to kick the sack as interacting with cool strangers in my limited proficiency Spanish proved a bit too stressful even under the effects of Tequila and other alcohol. I tried to sleep and succeeded at about 6am when the music ended.

The photos below show the aftermath of the great event. It’s truly monumental!



FiestaDeCaleb3 FiestaDeCaleb4 FiestaDeCaleb7



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