What I have learnt from a party in Mexico (City)




Creation after 3am by the leftover guests.
Creation after 3am by the leftover guests.

1. It is fashionable to be late. To be punctual is to not show respect to your host. For example, I stated in the invites that dinner will commence at 7pm sharp. My mexican friends and guests turned up after 9pm. With the exception of Peggy, Laura and Marco.

2. Always use disposable plates, cups and utensils. This will greatly reduce the washing-up on the next day. Yes, it might not be the most environmentally safe idea (aren’t there biodegradable party stuff?) but using tons of water in the washing up might not rank high up the list of best environmental practices either (I’m making this up).

3. It will be useful to invite some interesting, wacky characters i.e. strangers. They bring life to parties. At least in my case. The friends that I tend to hang out with are introverts. It’s really difficult, sometimes, for introverts to make small talk with fellow introverts. Wacky characters help to break the ice somewhat.

4. The help of a good friend in the food preparation, answering door bells, etc is critical in preserving the sanity of a host. In my case, I was very fortunate to have the help of Peggy. Her help with food preparation, ideas, conversations helped to tide through the entire process.

5. As a host, just do your best and enjoy the rest. At the very worst case scenario, a party of one isn’t really such a bad idea after all. 😉

P.S.: And making Japanese tempura is really difficult for first-timers. Even with pre-mixed batter.


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